Paternal ancestors

My father - picture about 1942







Andrew Johnston

Born in Hawick in 1882.Moved to Glasgow.

Married Isabella Jane Vannan in October 1906.
Worked as a compositor with Pickering and Inglis, who were at Bothwell Street near it's junction with Elmbank Street.
Died on 1 March 1957



Isabella Jane Vannan
Born in Richard Street in the Anderston district of Glasgow in 1883.
Worked as a paper feeder before her marriage
Married Andrew Johnston in October 1906.
Died on 5 August 1948

They had seven children, including my father Robert Johnston who was born in 1907.
They were: Daniel, Andrew, Robert, James, Arnold, Bessie, Isa (Daniel and Andrew died in infancy).

Family is seen in photo, taken in Kilbarchan in 1926 




Great Grandparents

Robert Johnston
Born 1855 in Berwick on Tweed.
Was a tailor from the age of 14, his father was a tailor also.
Moved to Earlston, married Isabella Paterson. Moved to Hawick.
Moved to Glasgow to New City Road. Died in Glasgow on 4 June 1909
More details of his life here

Isabella Paterson
Born in 1856 in Earlston.
Was the daughter of Stewart Paterson and Helen Mason.
Married Robert Johnston in Earlston on 26 April 1877
Died 30 November 1905

The children of Robert Johnston and Isabella Paterson were: Helen, Stewart (died in WW1), Andrew (my grandfather), Isabella, Robert A.(died in WW1)

James Vannan
Born on 19 August 1842 in Meuse Lane, Cowcaddens, Glasgow
He was a sailmaker by trade
Elizabeth sharp was his second wife. His first was Jane Wilson.
He became too ill to work in his trade.
He had to apply for Poor Relief
He did part-time work as a church care-taker
He was Church Officer of Cambridge Street Baptist Church about 1905, and lived in the church officer's house at Wemyss Place
He died on 19 August 1918

More details of his life here


Elizabeth Sharp

Born on 23 March 1857 at Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire
Married James Vannan
Died 3 August 1938

They had five children including my grand-mother Isabella Jane Vannan
The other children were: James Sharp Vannan, Elizabeth Vannan, Helen Vannan and Daniel Vannan. (James Sharp Vannan emigrated to Youngstown, Ohio in 1910)


Great Great Grandparents

Robert Johnston (more here)

Isabella Bowhill Main ( Isabella Bowhill Main - photo )

Stewart Paterson  (more here)

Helen Mason

James Vannan

Jane Bennett

James Sharp

Jean Forsyth Taylor