Jasper Paterson

23/04/2016 19:03
Jasper Younger Paterson His grandfather, James Paterson (1802-1891), was my great great great grandfather. Jasper was born on

Robert Johnston, the Tailor of Innerleithen

07/02/2016 14:06
[PDF Version with pictures]  The Tailor of Innerleithen.pdf (240807)     Robert Johnston, my Great Great Grandfather, was born In Berwick-upon-Tweed in on 14th August...

My Connections with Earlston

06/02/2016 18:18
    [The houses which Stewart Paterson (my great grat grandfather) had built about 1870, this photo taken in 2012. The tower of the church is visible behind the...

Family Connections with the First World War

06/02/2016 10:59
  Until about four years ago I had not known of any family members who were involved in the First World War. I had read a lot of accounts of WW1, particularly accounts from the trenches, but...

Stewart Paterson RSM

10/01/2015 18:45
Stewart Paterson - born 1883 pdf version of this page - Stewart Paterson RSM .pdf (108658)Stewart Paterson RSM .pdf (106,1 kB)   Stewart Paterson (born 27 May 1883) was my...

Stewart Paterson

05/08/2014 15:53
My grandfather’s grandfather was a mole-catcher  His name was Stewart Paterson and although he seems to have remained a mole-catcher all his life he was also a bit of a property developer. He...

Robert Johnston - the master tailor

25/06/2014 14:26
  My great grandfather was a tailor. He was born in 1856 in Berwick-upon-Tweed. He started his working life about the age of 14 as a tailor’s apprentice in Berwick, and went on to run tailoring...

James Vannan

27/01/2014 16:43
  James Vannan - Sailmaker (1842-1918) James Vannan was my father's mother's father. He was born in Meuse Lane, Cowcaddens, Glasgow in August 1842., and died at Berkeley Street, Glasgow in...

The Master Chimney Sweep

27/01/2014 16:36
  The Master Chimney Sweep His name was Michael McGunnigle and he was my mother’s grandfather. He lived in the Cowcaddens area of Glasgow at 17 Ferguson Street. He was married to Margaret...