About me

this is me aged 2I didn't require much investigation for this part - only memory!

Brief summary ... where and what...

  • Born at 198 Berkley Street, Glasgow. (The picture is me aged 2)

  • Then moved to Possilpark - Sunnylaw Street when I was 3. "Is this the country?" I said to my mother when we arrived there and I saw the hedges.

  • I remember the air-raid sirens during the War and being carried out to the shelter in the back court.

  • I remember on VE Day in 1945 running after our neighbour's flag which had blown away from her window. And later that night going round the bonfires which were everywhere.

  • Went to Saracen Primary School for P1 to P6.

  • Got a badge for collecting waste-paper.

  • Got the belt for being late one day - it wasn't my fault!

  • Always keen on current affairs - collected all the maps about the Korean War from the Daily Express (as well as the Rupert the Bear comic strips.)

  • Went to the High School of Glasgow from P7.

  • We moved to the Milton housing scheme when I was 12. (Longay Place)

  • Played Rugby (even played one game for the First XV), took part in Athletics (champion long-jumper and competent half-miler), was part of the Scripture Union group, went to SU camps

  • After school I went to Glasgow University

  • Taught at Smithycroft Secondary, then Wishaw High, then Allan Glen's - was a Biology teacher. Principal Teacher of Biology at Wishaw High and at Allan Glen's

  • Worked for Frontier Youth Trust for 10 years as Scottish Development Officer

  • Moved to Hughenden Terrace in Glasgow after my parents died

  • Worked for YMCA for 2 years

  • Since then working for Scottish Association for Mental Health for more than 20 years now, though can't believe it's that long.

  • Now living round the corner from the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow 

A few photos from the dim and distance past

This is me aged about 2 or 3 at Prestwick with my gandmother "Grannie Watson" and my cousin Margaret Murray.





This is me in the back green at Sunnylaw Street. Grannie Watson there and behind me Margaret and her son Ronald. A neighbour Chris McLeod on the left.



The interior of Cambridge Street Baptist Church where we spent so much time - two services on a Sunday, Young People's Fellowship, Christian Endeavour, Band of Hope, Saturday Night Tea Meeting.

Below is the exterior of the Church (from a 1925 leaflet) It was where the Thistle Hotel now is.











And now a couple of school photos

Saracen Primary in Possilpark (from Primary 1 to Primary 6)


The High School of Glasgow (from Primary 7 to Secondary 6)








Graduation at Glasgow University - BSc.



Teaching at Smithycroft Secondary School, Glasgow. This photo was taken in 1968.