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Ancestor killed at Flodden

30/10/2017 14:54
    2nd Lord John Hay of Yester (1470-1530) who was killed in Flodden The Battle of Flodden on 9th September 1530 was the largest battle between Scotland and England. About 15,000 Scottish lives were lost including King James IV and very many of the nobility. I discovered...

The Sharp line

25/09/2017 21:21
Recently I've been exploring the Sharp line. Traced it back to the 1500s - John Sharp (1594-1638)   Elizabeth Sharp Born on 23 March 1857 at Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire.  Died 3 August 1938 Married James Vannan They had five children including my grand-mother Isabella Jane...

Isabella Bowhill Main - photo

01/06/2017 11:09
My great-great Grandmother (1836-1922)  - Married to Robert Johnston (1835-1909) Found on another site a photograph of her (seated on right) with daughter (Margaret Johnston), grand-daughter)

Jasper Paterson

23/04/2016 19:03
Jasper Younger Paterson His grandfather, James Paterson (1802-1891), was my great great great grandfather. Jasper was born on 5th August 1882 in Morebattle, Roxburghshire. The family&nb

David Paterson - death notice in Scotsman

21/04/2016 23:39
Discovered today  David Paterson - death notice in Scotsman on 11 August 1916 His story can be found here

Found new photograph today

15/04/2016 20:52
I think it is of Paterson family members outside 2 Church Street in Earlston. I don't know the date or exactly who they are. I think the date is probably between 1890 and 1915. Anyone able to help identify.

Edited some pages over last few days

17/02/2016 20:02
Particularly  Me  and  Earlston Connections

Added a few pages over past couple of days

08/02/2016 19:28
Here they are: Family Connections - First World War - read My Connections with Earlston - read A page about myself - read

Robert Johnston, the Tailor of Innerleithen

07/02/2016 14:06
[PDF Version with pictures]  The Tailor of Innerleithen.pdf (240807)     Robert Johnston, my Great Great Grandfather, was born In Berwick-upon-Tweed in on 14th August 1835.   He married Isabella Bowhill Main (born in Kelso in 1836) in 1856. In the 1851 census Isabella...

My Connections with Earlston

06/02/2016 18:18
    [The houses which Stewart Paterson (my great grat grandfather) had built about 1870, this photo taken in 2012. The tower of the church is visible behind the houses.]     My family has close connections with Earlston in the Scottish Borders. Earlston is about...
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