For the past few years, on and off, I've been trying to delve into my family history, and finding it fascinating.


Information I have discovered includes:

  • My great grand-father was a chimney sweep.
  • My grandmother was employed as a Fancy Box Maker.
  • I've discovered four relatives who were killed in the First World War, including one, Robert A. Johnston, who was a POW in Germany and was shot in the back when trying to escape from his prison camp.
  • My great grand-father, James Vannan, had to apply for Poor Relief because he was unable to work because of a lung disease. He was a sailmaker by trade.
  • My great great grand-father made a very good living in Earlston as a molecatcher.
  • My great grand-mother had twelve children.
  • Another great grand-mother collected teapots.

How I got interested in family history

My cousin Irene Johnston (now Williams) has written a book on her father's early life in Glasgow. That's what first got me  interested in family history.










Paternal ancestors




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