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The Sharp line

25/09/2017 21:21
Recently I've been exploring the Sharp line. Traced it back to the 1500s - John Sharp (1594-1638)   Elizabeth Sharp Born on 23 March 1857 at Kinnaird, Larbert, Stirlingshire.  Died 3 August 1938 Married James Vannan They had five children including my grand-mother Isabella Jane...

Isabella Bowhill Main - photo

01/06/2017 11:09
My great-great Grandmother (1836-1922)  - Married to Robert Johnston (1835-1909) Found on another site a photograph of her (seated on right) with daughter (Margaret Johnston), grand-daughter)

Jasper Paterson

23/04/2016 19:03
Jasper Younger Paterson His grandfather, James Paterson (1802-1891), was my great great great grandfather. Jasper was born on 5th August 1882 in Morebattle, Roxburghshire. The family&nb

David Paterson - death notice in Scotsman

21/04/2016 23:39
Discovered today  David Paterson - death notice in Scotsman on 11 August 1916 His story can be found here

Found new photograph today

15/04/2016 20:52
I think it is of Paterson family members outside 2 Church Street in Earlston. I don't know the date or exactly who they are. I think the date is probably between 1890 and 1915. Anyone able to help identify.

Edited some pages over last few days

17/02/2016 20:02
Particularly  Me  and  Earlston Connections

Added a few pages over past couple of days

08/02/2016 19:28
Here they are: Family Connections - First World War - read My Connections with Earlston - read A page about myself - read

Robert Johnston, the Tailor of Innerleithen

07/02/2016 14:06
[PDF Version with pictures]  The Tailor of Innerleithen.pdf (240807)     Robert Johnston, my Great Great Grandfather, was born In Berwick-upon-Tweed in on 14th August 1835.   He married Isabella Bowhill Main (born in Kelso in 1836) in 1856. In the 1851 census Isabella...

My Connections with Earlston

06/02/2016 18:18
    [The houses which Stewart Paterson (my great grat grandfather) had built about 1870, this photo taken in 2012. The tower of the church is visible behind the houses.]     My family has close connections with Earlston in the Scottish Borders. Earlston is about...

Family Connections with the First World War

06/02/2016 10:59
  Until about four years ago I had not known of any family members who were involved in the First World War. I had read a lot of accounts of WW1, particularly accounts from the trenches, but had not known of any relatives who had been involved. My cousin Irene’s recent book The Fifth Son...
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